If you are not on the waiting list and it has been at least two weeks since you submitted your application, your application was incomplete. You may contact the housing authority to pick up your incomplete application and resubmit when completed. To check if your application has been entered on the waiting list(s), call 336-227-5527 and follow the prompts; you will need to enter your social security number and date of birth. 

We offer the following programs:

- Ralph Clayton Homes/Cates Circle
     (1 & 2 bedrooms for Elderly or Disabled head of household only)
- Public Housing
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher

Effective 8/7/2013 we are no longer accepting online applications.
Rent Payment Standards (RPS)  Effective 10-1-2017

           Bedroom    1 Bedroom    2 Bedroom    3 Bedroom    4 Bedroom    5 Bedroom    6 Bedroom
RPS    $587                $619            $769             $1039            $1114           $1282           $1473

We are accepting housing applications for Public Housing, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers and Ralph Clayton Homes 

Notice: We no longer offer local preference on our applications; all new applicants are entered by date and time only. All existing applications will remain with the preference(s) that were already selected by the applicant and will be verified when that person is contacted for an eligibility appointment.