1.) ALL Changes for current section 8 voucher participants must be reported in writing within 10 DAYS of the change with VERIFICATION ATTACHED. (the Tenant Change form can be found in the Forms section)
2.) Unit Transfer procedure within Alamance County
You must have lived at your current address for 12 months.
Read your lease to see what your landlord requires as to dates notice will be accepted and how many days notice is required. (30, 60 or 90 days)
Give written notice according to what your lease requires and have your landlord sign and date that you are in good standing. Keep a copy of the signed notice to give to your GHA caseworker.  
Call your caseworker to schedule an appointment and to get the letter for current criminal history required for all transfers.  
When coming in for your appointment you must be prepared with current information as you will also be re-examined in order to receive a voucher to move.

These are the first of several steps required for completing a transfer. The other requirements will be shared with you when you come in to meet with your caseworker. In making your plans, please remember that we assist over 1000 families with housing and make appointments 30 days in advance as required by HUD in order to continue assisting these families. Every effort will be made to give you the first available appointment. Help us to help you by being patient and bringing what is needed with you to your appointments.  

Section 8 Utility Allowances:

Our Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher department has a staff of 3 Housing Specialists, 1 inspector and 1 Section 8 Coordinator. We administer 1005 vouchers plus billed port ins. On a daily basis each staff member receives a minimum of at least 30 phone calls and in addition to the monthly requirements from HUD, deals with numerous clients, landlords and other third party individuals or organizations. 
Housing Choice Voucher
Housing Choice Vouchers allow very low-income families to choose and lease safe, decent and affordable privately owner rental housing.